6 Steps How to Move WordPress to a New Server or Host

It can be a challenging task to move to a new server or host from WordPress, and it is not only for beginners but also for the well-experienced WordPress user. It is mainly because moving from one host to a server is unique as compared to launching a new site. You might be worried about how are you going to do this process, but you don’t need to worry anymore as we have got your back.

We can assure that you can successfully convert website to WordPress if you follow this guide. Majority of the people tend to delay the moving to the new server or host as they fear of making mistakes, but in reality, they do more harm than good. You can get done with the problem almost everyone hires experts, but few people tend to choose the other way round. They move to a new host or server by reading such guides.

Well, irrespective of what you choose to do, we can tell you one thing that by reading the steps given below you can easily convert website to WordPress. Above all, the process is hassle-free.

Copy the website

Creating a backup is one of the first things you should do when you plan to move WordPress to a new server. There are a plethora of methods of doing it so. Above all, you can also find several professionals in the market who offer this service.

But you need to focus only on the best solutions it is because it is free of charge and also can be used for multiple hosts. Duplicator is the solution for duplicating the sign. It has been getting a lot of good press online of late and that too for a great reason.

Ensure the new host is ready

Before receiving the backup, you need to ensure that the host site is ready. All you need to do is take care of some things, including adding the domain name to the server, creating an empty database to the site and copying the email address of the site.

To enable users to set their hosting environments all by themselves majority of the hosts choose to use C panel. If at all, your host uses a unique management panel, then you can certainly contact the support staff so they can easily handle those tasks.

After logging in the Cpanel, you need to ensure that you have entered your domains correctly. It would be best if you also created a new database to move WordPress to a new server or host. Under the domain name don’t forget to enter your email id.

Drag the site to the new server

You can easily upload your site to the new host or server as you have the domain and database ready. If you find it challenging, then you can hire WordPress expert who will help you through the process. During the uploading process, you need to remember that you have uploaded both installer and archive file.

Change your local host’s file

You are almost ready to do the last and final import of the site at this stage. Lastly, you can transform all the files and data. But be careful before doing so, as you need to ensure that you can access the new site or server through your local computer.

It does sound challenging, but it is ideally simply tasked to perform provided you configure your local device to the new server manually when you are hunting for the website domain.

Use the online installer to install the site

Firstly, you need to open your browser and navigate through the installer. Once you do so, you are most likely to see the user interface all you need to do is click on the terms accept and then jump to the next option. You have to enter the connection details with regards to the database in this next step.

To run the installer, you have to click on next to proceed option. The installation process only takes a couple of seconds after you see confirm the site title.

Refresh the domain name

Your website is almost migrated to the new host or server at this stage. The final words include telling the whole world to visit the new server. You can easily do so by changing the name of the domain. To change the name, you need to visit the place where you had got your domain registered. If you find it difficult you can anytime hire WordPress expert who will make the process relatively easy for you.

Once you move to the new server or host, then you need to go back to your previous host and erase all additional entry made in the migration process.

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