20 Best Free Website Templates For Mobile Users

Free website templates need practice by every beginner. All of the technical and design components of these best free responsive design templates are taken care of. Your website will adhere to all current web standards and guidelines.

In one of its recent events, Google revealed that mobile devices now account for more than half of all internet traffic. If they need to know or see anything, most people turn on their phones right away. Google has quietly added your site’s mobile performance to its rankings considerations as a result of the rising use of mobile devices. Many of the templates support AMP, or Google’s Accelerated Mobile Page, which makes mobile pages load faster.

Free Website Templates

AMP is a new technology with a lot of room for improvement. Because it is Google, the changes are quick and gaining traction. However, because AMP is just a scaled-down version for HTML5 and CSS, your site’s full potential is limited. You get a responsive site and performance when you use mobile responsive website templates. You can use the free website design templates even if you’re a beginner or have a limited budget. The following are the top free responsive website templates that adapt to any screen size.

20 Best Free Responsive Website Templates.


Glint is a website template for agencies and creatives, providing them with an easy, efficient website at no cost. It has a high-quality UX layout with numerous features. Each block on the homepage is separated by light and dark colors are distinguished by dark and solid green.

Notably, the above-mentioned color becomes very vivid when the template is a bit in dark and gentle shades. This template gives parallax scrolling, animated buttons, and a grid-style gallery area. It is also a one-page site template and follows a hamburger-style navigation menu.

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For hotels, motels, resorts, hostels, and other resorts, Sona is a valuable and stylish free responsive website design. Sona encourages creative thinking and provides a welcoming environment in which to try out new ideas. The wonderful layout and impressive functionality of the product, combined with its elevated performance and ease of deployment, create a terrific platform to build a website. Sona permits you to use the platform alone due to the design’s appealing appearance, as it caters to various aesthetics and other preferences.

An artistic and excellent, that’s what’s right!

Slider, online booking-ready form, rooms page, various other room layouts, our blog section, a contact form, and Google Maps—the list goes on and on—are all things you’ve got when using the Sona electronic table kit. Use these powerful tools to attract target clients with not only a gorgeous table but with all of the bells and whistles needed to fill their entire lounging area at your place 24/7.

Free Website Templates

You’d better have a complete website set up for your convenience if you push an app. To do that, kickstart your venture by making use of the expert services of Appli. It’s a beneficial, powerful, easy-to-use alternative that will help you entice your target audience in no time. This site features many none expensive and trendy options to simplify your project design. Along with that, the wide selection of colors will help you catch individuals’ attention.

Still, you may make any desired adjustments, although we have copyright notices. The kit will be full of various attributes such as a text box, a button to the carpenters’ back, the logo slider, a sticky menu, and hover effects. The fantastic selection of content is intended to provide everyone with an easy way to make use of your app even before they decide to download it.

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EcoHosting is a modern, free, and easy-to-use website template for hosting companies. You can quickly establish your company’s unique presence by benefiting from this special design. EcoHosting is also loaded with the latest technology to ensure superior performance.

Things like preloader, convenient back-to-top button, sterling header, pricing tables, and FAQ sections are also provided to you. You can also highlight consumer feedback reviews and link to your social networks and a blog. Don’t forget to also consider a functional contact form, so you don’t need to create it yourself.


If you’re passionate about videos and blogging, choose VideoMag. This is a high-powered and free responsive website builder which can use to create popular online magazines. The tool does a lot on its own by default, but you can also customize it with your personal preferences.

Free Website Templates

In the bundle, you will find scrolling animations, carousels, ad placements, and social media icons. There is also a drop-down menu to make navigation more efficient, and VideoMag works dynamically for both creating niche and general online video magazines. That’s the complete blockchain collection. Go ahead and get started right away.


Tough is an exclusive solution for interior designers, but architects can achieve success using it, too. It is a free and responsive website template with clean lines, working well as it is. Tough uses the Bootstrap framework, so you understand the tool s versatility is well-match.

Even though Sleek is a free tool, it provides you with a lot of quality features and functions. All of this is a part of its Sleek kit and consists of portfolio and carousels, testimonials, pricing tables, and scroll content loading. So regardless of what your vision is, interlocks will bring about professionalism and spectacular results.


If you need an impressive online portfolio for your photos, Shutter is a great method to go about doing this. Conscious photographers and any imaginative individuals will benefit from using it as well. The shutter goes over quite a bit and is highly versatile, so it’ll be easy to adjust it to your artistic ability or your fixed aims and ambitions.

Shutter’s biggest specialty is the dark mode. It has a beautiful and distinctive free design that can function perfectly in all screen sizes.

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The dento website template is free for getting a website develope. You can now work on developing a dental website in a matter of seconds, using one of the predefined setups. Still, if you wish to add or do anything customization-wise, that’s up to you.

The Dento platform saves you a lot of time and works while also providing many useful features. Among its many features are a navigation toolbar, social networking icons, sticky navigation, price tables, and more. In addition, Dento also does not use testimonials and is parallax-driven.


GymLife is a free responsive website builder that is great for gyms and fitness centers, as the name suggests. This modern, bold, and impactful layout will help you present your services, classes, and other offerings in the best possible light on the internet.

Free Website Templates

Heck, even a personal trainer will profit significantly from it. While GymLife can use right out of the box, you can also customize it to meet your specific needs. This site canvas is well-organized and simple to alter and adjust, but it will require technical expertise to turn into a functional website.


Balay is a flexible, attractive free site template that architects and interior designers will find invaluable. It offers you a plethora of free design choices, especially if you simply launch your site. A lot of individuals want to opt for Balay out of the box, simply because of its beautiful design. In the same way, you may as well opt for something a little different.

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Balay implements the Bootstrap Framework and assures cross-device compatibility and swift responsiveness. Content loading, animated statistics, a portfolio, and a blog are some of the highlights of Balay. Keep in mind that this is an HTML template.

Animal Shelter

Rather than performing everything without aid, you can now speed up the process by making an appointment with Animal Shelter. As a part of its name suggest, Animal Shelter is devoted to animal sheltering. Its unique and fantastic website design attracts all viewers to check out its website and check in the appealing pets.

Animal Shelter features transparent dining, full-screen banners, multi-level menu tabs, video, and testimonials sliders. You can also compose an about us/before us page, or blog, and show your town using Google Maps.

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You must have an easy-to-navigate website to make your push advertising work. We are pleased to offer this web page template, which happens to be an organic-looking design since it contains only the latest technological innovations. Additionally, the new design ensures that each piece is fully visible.

Appco has several useful features, including an often sticky back button, leaderboard prices, and a testimonial carousel. Some CTAs will encourage your users to download your app. Finally, the conversion form is functional for all users.


When designing a site for an organization or a single-person business, even a freelancer, Digilab comes into play then. It’s a free and attractive website template for constructing single-page online presences. Rather than rocking multiple inner pages, you can have everything at your fingertips with a one-page structure.

Free Website Templates

A split-screen slide bar, scrolling animations, carousels, Google Maps, and a contact form along with more are provided in the Digilab kit. You may redesign your existing website or start from scratch using the Digilab kit to benefit your strategy. You are welcome to brand and customize it as well.


Agrica is a free responsive website template that is great for any agricultural business looking to stand out. You can improve your potential beyond level eleven by having a strong internet presence. You may now begin working on your project right away, without having to start from scratch, thanks to Agrica. After all, that’s why all of these incredible templates are here. To save you time and effort while yet ensuring a high-quality result. Agrica is no exception.

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You’ll love using this site skin the way it is because it has a stunning look that appeals to everyone. However, you are free to change the color palette & brand the template to meet your company’s goals. Agrica has a full-width slider, text,d a call to action above the fold, so make the most of it. This is the point at which you will be able to gain a new customer. However, Agrica is distinguished by several other features that will work their magic.


Delicious can help you promote your should recipes on the internet like a pro. Even when used straight out of the box, this instrument ensures a stunning result. Even so, you may simply take things to a new level by adding your creative spin on it. Delicious’ code is well-organized, allowing you to make simple changes to match the end product to the branding direction to a tee.

Delectable’s clean style ensures that all of your food photographs is presented deliciously. Delicious has various features for your convenience, like a slider, internal pages, a multi-level drop-down button, recipe posts, and a mega menu. You won’t have to create a contact page or incorporate Google Maps because Delicious already offers such features. Create a dedicated following for your recipes website right now with Delicious.

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Space is a minimalist and distinct free template for building excellent portfolios on the net. Whether an independent expert or a freelancer, you may use Space and transform it into a spectacular web space. Even though Space is an HTML file, you still find it easier and simple to utilize. And if you favor something a few others, that’s when Space comes in most useful.

Display your experience, portfolio, services, and testimonials to raise awareness about the possibility of reaching level 11. Its content reveals a feature that helps draw the focus of everybody in the room, as it is quite easy to trigger. The integration of Google Maps and contact forms effectively saves time.


Building an online magazine can happen more quickly with the help of WebMag. It’s an outstanding software that will help you get started on your work. WebMag is an HTML template, so you will need coding to be able to take advantage of it effectively. Nevertheless, it is quite well organized, and you will be able to get its core right away.

Free Website Templates

For that reason, WebMag is great for beginners, too. Some specialties include a floating menu bar, sidebar pop-up window, social media icons, and a working contact form. WebMag is also known for including websites that cater to other niches and general news sites.

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Shionhouse is a free, stunning, and minimalist template that’s ideal for eCommerce websites. Because of its minimal and sleek display, all your products can be viewed with ease. For the most part, all will want to use Shionhouse as it is. On the other hand, if you want to customize it, you could too.

It’s all at your fingertips from a big slideshow and sticky menu to social media buttons, back to top buttons, and scrolling animations. You will even find blogs and contact pages to put into practice right from the get-go. Start pushing products online with Shionhouse.


It does not matter where you intend to use your website, with Unapp, you can count on a site to prepare your landing page right out of the gate. With a sophisticated, template-based design, you can save time and effort when preparing your page. However, this does not imply that you must follow Unapp’s instructions to the letter. You can certainly brand it and fine-tune it further.

Free Website Templates

Furthermore, Unapp’s code is well-organized and user-friendly, but even a novice can easily navigate it. Because this is an HTML template, you should know the fundamentals of web building before attempting to create a landing page website.


Raptor is a fantastic free responsive website builder for putting together a web hosting page. Everything comes into view brilliantly thanks to the cleanness & simplicity of this web canvas. Raptor is a must-see for everyone who likes a minimalist approach with a dash of originality and a lovely color scheme. Of course, you should begin with the live free preview and work your way up from there.

This will allow you to see the tool in action and gain a better understanding of what it can do. From the on, hit the download button and activate Raptor right away. Raptor rocks screenshot slider, pricing plans, animated statistics, reviews, and floating navigation. Blog and contact pages are also included, containing a working form and Google Maps. You can improve and adjust it and have a final product ready to go swiftly.

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